Day 01

Now for something completely different!

Day 02

Leaving everything I got on the field.

Day 03

Nothing better then when it all comes together.

Day 04

They put their heart and Pixouls into everything they do.

#branding #webdesign #brothersco #myboilou

Day 05

Growth is being able to reach new audiences.

Day 06

Why hello again!

#branding #webdesign #graphicdesign #platform

Day 07

Building partnerships and platforms one Pixoul at a time.

#branding #webdesign #catsofinstagram #pixouls

Day 08

What’s old is new and what’s new is new.

Day 09

Hey you! Get your tail on that trail.

Day 10

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Day 11

Building websites better.

Day 12

Accept no substitutes.

Day 13

You guys are like... my best friends.

Day 14

It’s simple. We love this!

Day 15

Everybody loves WiFi. And beer.

Day 16

Winning comes in a variety of ways.

Day 17

And just L!ke that...

Day 18

Eat, sleep, WiFi. And tacos.

Day 19

Getting rid of the Ancestors Metadata.

Day 20

Brothers Co.

Day 21

You ain’t gettin’ outta here without singin’ the blues.

Day 22

Now spin around with excitement. Nailed it.

Day 23

Mucho mas por favor.

Day 24

Listen with the intent to understand.

Day 25

Last turn before the straight-away.

Day 26

You do you. 1000.

Day 27

Teasing the finale.

Day 28

If you don’t know by now, you’ll never know.

Day 29

Roll credits.

Day 30

The clients, the colleagues, the friends, the fam. This is CreativeL!keUs

Creative L!ke Us is the marketing consultancy firm of Curtis Johnson:

Brand Director, Digital Professional, and Experience Designer

Thanks to Pixouls, my friends, and my partners. Appreciations to our clients, partners, family, and friends.

30 Days of Creative is an ongoing art platform for marketing consultancy, Creative L!ke Us. Once you understand the rules, break 'em.

APR 1-30, 2021 - One seamless design representing the work, partnerships, and energy of the past year, this year's 30 Days of Creative twists Instagram's interface to be consumed in a way they did not intend.

APR 1-30, 2020 - Launch of a new brand, kinda. The initial lockdown of the pandemic provided an opportunity to tell a story (or 30) of a creative career spanning 15 years.